Saturday, February 28, 2015

Come One, Come All...

...And welcome to my newest blog, By the Brass Balls of Khorne! You might find yourself wondering why such a title was chosen. Well, Khorne is my favorite among the Ruinous Powers. 8 is my lucky number, red is awesome on the tabletop, and rage is the emotion that holds sway in the 41st Millennium. Now, on to more pressing matters. What is this blog for? Why, Warhammer 40,000, of course!

Warhammer 40,000 is this author’s game of choice. You may recognize my name from Myomer Dreams, if you’re a Battletech fan, of course, and indeed that has been my most recent project. However, with numerous...setbacks...along the course of that project, I have turned my attention back to my first love: Games Workshop.

Now you may think that’s a one-sided, abusive relationship filled with ruthless wallet-beatings and cries of outrage and despair. Well...I can’t say that’s not true. Nevertheless, time and again i find myself drawn to the grim-dark far future of the 41st Millennium, and I truly love the rich fiction and memorable characters- and of course the acting out of such on the tabletop. No hobby can beat it.

I started this hobby in 1998, back when 2nd Edition was coming to an end. Tyranids were my first army, and to this day I still love their fiction, their miniatures, and the pervasive sense of impending doom that they grant the game’s setting. I’ve played them every edition since then, and though their current rules leave much to be desired, I still enjoy the game with them. My second army was Imperial Guard- short lived, to be sure, as I swiftly grew bored of them in 3rd edition, and instead turned my attention to my third army: Tau, when they first came out. Armies have come and gone, of course, and I’ve tried multiple different forces throughout the years. My most recent army, starting in February 2014, is Imperial Knights, though their options are limited to say the least.

And on the horizon, upon seeing the latest pre-order this morning....will be Khorne Daemons. By the Brass Balls of Khorne, I will lay waste to my enemies upon a thousand worlds of the Imperium of Man. Blood shall be spilt upon the sands, and their skulls shall anoint my throne....

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